The Figure of the Witch-Queen in Northern Mythology

Commonality of ancestral experience, as expressed through folk tale, rites of passage, and ritual in religious settings, point towards a greater truth, now lost…

Feral Words


   “At length, when night was setting in, they saw a deep and unknown glen of joyless aspect before them; they descended into it, to avoid the bleak winds of the summits, and had proposed to put up a few stones and turfs for shelter during the dark hours. Whilst they were looking for a convenient spot, to their great relief they discovered a shieling, deserted, as they imagined, as buildings in such remote places usually are in the winter. What, then, was their surprise, when, upon approaching the door, it was opened, even without their knocking. A woman presented herself, of a wild and haggard aspect; told them she had been expecting them, and that their supper and beds were ready. Even so they found it – the pot was boiling, and bannocks and oat-cakes were placed upon the table, and also two plates, for the expected guests. There…

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