Don’t panic, don’t panic!!!

Lance Corporal Jones (not panicking)

Last week it was a week away. Seemed like a lifetime.

Suddenly, before you can say “They don’t like it up ’em!” we’re overrun by the imminent arrival of the weekend… (I know it’s only Tuesday, but that means only two more sleeps, and “hit the road”…)

So much to do… thoughts to be (re)arranged… packing to be packaged… socks to be washed… prints to be printed…

If only I hadn’t succumbed to that last bout of procrastination, there might be time to relax. Put the feet up for a while. Enjoy a wee Earl Grey and a rub down with a Brillo Pad (other scouring systems are available)…

Maybe if I don’t sleep for the next sixty-six hours it’ll all fall into place? It’ll be fine!

Now. Where did I leave the bayonet…?!?




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Intermittent posting of random touchstones, memories and events. This wasn't meant to be what it would become... But then, is it ever?
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14 Responses to Don’t panic, don’t panic!!!

  1. alienorajt says:

    See you very soon! Can’t wait! Now, where did I put my thermals?! xxx

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    • Running Elk says:

      Did you HAVE to use “very” in that sentence?!? lol
      Thermals? Thermals? Surely the old granny bloomers will suffice?!? (It’s all I can find… 😮 )

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      • alienorajt says:

        Laugh?! They are still drying, Young Man! Unfortunately, Granny’s Bloomers ended up in the Family Sepulchre with Granny; she insisted – you know how it is! – and I have been unable to find another set which came up to her admittedly very high standards of Anti-Erotic Lingerie! xxx

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  2. Sue Vincent says:

    Reblogged this on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo and commented:
    He thinks he’s got it bad…I leave this morning 😉

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  3. See you soon! 🙂

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  4. Widdershins says:

    I’m sure Sue has a spare or two tucked away somewhere! 😀

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