The Watcher’s dilemma

“Edge of the World”
(Found at The Fear Mythos Wiki)

I am Watcher. I’m in a high place, yet remain shadowed by brooding mountains that further darken a black sky. The gale flattens a campfire in front of me, casting all warmth to the western horizon. A tent-like structure behind me flaps urgently; in danger of being swept into the darkness. The rough blanket around my shoulders offers little comfort.

I am Watcher of Myself. I peer into the darkness. Some distance below, on a grassy promontory, I see Myself begin the calling. Raising the staff, I invite the East. Then the South. Then the West.

I am Myself. Lifting the staff to the North, I see the faint glimmer of a campfire. I am not alone in the darkness. The Watcher is near. In this, I find both strength and solace. I turn again to the East.

The Watcher sees the staff rise, and, as I begin to chant the unbidden words streaming into my consciousness, the Watcher stands. What am I doing down there? I shouldn’t have both hands on the staff. I wish I could hear above this wind. Why is the opening of the Above taking so long?

Closing My eyes, I prepare to impregnate the Mother. Only the Watcher may witness.

As I thrust the staff into the Earth, a bolt of lightning strikes the antlered head, and, through the staff, enters the Mother. In a blinding moment, first staff, then Self, turn to ash and are torn Westward by the howling gale…

Watcher stands, agape; wondering: how can he explain this to his sundered Self?

About Running Elk

Running Elk is the name bestowed on me by a Medicine Man of the Zuni Nation in 2008 during a period of intense training in shamanic principles. Currently reconciling these core practices within the context of the Old World landscapes, folk beliefs and traditions by way of attempting to unearth some semblance of the long lost, indigenous knowledge of these Isles.
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17 Responses to The Watcher’s dilemma

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  2. Widdershins says:

    The Sundered Self is in for a wild ride. πŸ™‚

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  3. Loved the imagery here!

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  4. jenanita01 says:

    A beautiful piece and a fabulous image, such magic to begin the week…

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