The wooden spoon mystery

Lunchtime: phone rings.

“The post has been. Did you order a wooden spoon?”

A what?

“A wooden spoon.”

Um no. Why (frantically checking Amazon) would I have ordered a wooden spoon?

“Well, a parcel has arrived, addressed to you, and it says ‘wooden spoon’ on the customs form.”

Wait. Somebody has sent a wooden spoon from overseas?


Where (frantically wracking brain for a clue) overseas?

“China, by the looks of it.”

Isn’t there a delivery note? (Who do I know in China that would send me a wooden spoon?)

“No. Will I open it?”

Go on then. (Why would anybody send me a wooden spoon?)

“Oh. It’s absolutely lovely. It’s not a wooden spoon, like a wooden spoon, but a really dark wood. The shape is wonderful. It’s gorgeous.”

And there’s no note inside?

“Nope. Why did you just order one?”

I didn’t order a wooden spoon.

“Well. You know what you’re like. Ordering odd things, then forgetting about them.”

I think I would remember ordering a single spoon… (wouldn’t I?) I’ll check (all my usual random purchase sites) when I get home.

Get home 8 hours later: pick up baggie

Is this it?

“Yes. Do you remember ordering it?”

I’ve been wracking my brains all afternoon. Maybe it’s been delivered here by mistake?

Open baggie

Oh. It IS wonderful. I love it. Don’t remember ordering it. It’s not so much a spoon, more like a ladle…

“So it is! It’s perfect for a ladle”



Ladle! I think I know who it came from…


Remember that time we served soup, and I happened to mention how, after 23years wed, we still don’t appear to own a ladle?

“Oh… The daft buggers!”


When is a spoon not a spoon?

About A Misanthropic Bear

Intermittent posting of random touchstones, memories and events. This wasn't meant to be what it would become... But then, is it ever?
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11 Responses to The wooden spoon mystery

  1. I believe there is important symbolism in your receiving the ladle. I believe it is a symbol of abundance waiting for you in this life, and that the abundance comes from nature and the land (it being wood). A spoon can only hold so much, but a ladle can continue to bring abundance in doses for you and your family. You have been given something that is not going to wear out or break. Nature is opening itself up for you. What an amazing symbol!

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    • Running Elk says:

      Oh. I love that reading. So caught up in the mystery, that hadn’t given much thought to that aspect. Thank you, Anne šŸ™‚

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      • I very much look at the symbolism of everything that comes into my consciousness. For example, I love and always have loved frogs, one of my totems. And I love bears, butterflies, and creatures that show up now and then, and many other symbols including my “singing rock” I was driven to seek out many years ago in a part of New Mexico where I had not been before. I had to climb up high (and I am afraid of heights) to get it. When I managed to make my way up to the top of the mesa, as I reached over the top edge, my right hand fell on this rock, and as soon as it did, I knew I had found what I was seeking. I brought it home and put it into a jar of water, and it began to “sing”, not just bubbling, but making a strange musical bubbling sound. Then I knew it was a sacred rock, and to this day I have that rock. It is not now in the water, but it is preserved forever.

        Glad I could help out with symbolism of that; or at least that is what I can see. Thank you most kindly.


  2. I love it. It appears to be a ladle more than a spoon, but it is wonderful, whatever it is, and must have some symbolic meaning for sure. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. gmvasey says:

    You have nice friends…

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