In “I did not expect that to happen” news, a warning for anyone considering a name change to their blog.

It felt the right time for a change. I wrestled with a potential new name, one that might fit whatever future the site might have. Even changed the about page in a fit of enthusiasm to explain the change.

Then I changed it.

Now, I’m not a complete noob. (I might even have a Masters Degree in software development). So I KNOW how to accommodate the odd name change to a complex file structure, and how to execute that name change without breaking existing links, functionality, and references to that existing structure.

I even felt empowered by the explicit warning “You will not be able to reclaim the existing site name if you press OK.” It (kind of) is what I would expect, as the old structures and references became subsumed in the new…

Imagine, then, my surprise to discover, after, of course, pressing that OK button, that no such standard “cleanup” has been considered by the WordPress pixies. Only became apparent (because I’m such a trusting nerd when it comes to believing that all IT folks will “do the right thing”) when people starting asking “What happened to your blog?”

So beware any temptation re-brand. Better to start a fresh blog and include appropriate links between the two.

Can’t apologise enough for the broken links to anyone unfortunate enough to have “re-pressed”, shared, or linked to any of the posts.

I know, Animal; I know. I’m so very, very sorry…

About Running Elk

Running Elk is the name bestowed on me by a Medicine Man of the Zuni Nation in 2008 during a period of intense training in shamanic principles. Currently reconciling these core practices within the context of the Old World landscapes, folk beliefs and traditions by way of attempting to unearth some semblance of the long lost, indigenous knowledge of these Isles.
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2 Responses to Oops…

  1. I feel your pain…flowing love to you.

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