Alchemic interlude

Segment of the macrocosm showing the elemental spheres of terra (earth), aqua (water), aer (air), and ignis (fire), Robert Fludd, 1617
Deutsche Fotothek, Public Domain.

Stumbled on this looking for something yet unfound. (If any of you spotted me placing a small, “Basildon Blue” envelope full of photographs into an unusual nook, please let me know!)

Anyway. It’s something. It’s nothing. It struck me as fitting somewhere. For someone. It’s at least 10 years old; an experience of the four Elements that took a rather unexpected turn into a fifth.

Refinding it has prompted a further look at the nature of the Elements, their attributes, and whether the ‘modern’ set of correspondences (both in the Greek and Chinese systems) may be considered a genuine reflection on how more ancient cultures perceived these “seeds of creation”.

While, undoubtedly, an exercise in futility, the traditions we consider ‘ancient’ necessarily have their roots in even older traditions. Those we inherit today, adulterated by logical and intellectual machinations through the centuries, as remote from their root expression as the scientific discoveries which have usurped them in turn.

I found myself, a vast, swirling vortex, outside the square of the Elements.

Although I was outside the square, I was inside the square. I was the space between each Element, yet was each Element. I flowed around and interpenetrated each, holding them firmly in their square. I was the centre of the square, drawing each Element ‘up’ with me.

I dance like Fire. I was warmth, I was comfort, I was fear. I was the Fire at the core of all Creation. I was the Fire at the core of every Created. I was the Solar, and the cellular, Fire.

I shimmered like Air. Unseen, life-affirming. I sigh across Creation. I am its foundation and am suspended throughout it. I am breath, I am the wind, and I am the vacuum of Space.

I flowed like Water. A gentle stream, a raging torrent, a calm ocean, a drop of dew, and the quiet spring rain. In me was all life, and in all life I am.

In Earth I was bound, yet unbound. I was the slow fluid circulation of Fire at the core of the planet. I was the energy of growth; slow, fluid, crystalline, thrusting skyward. I was the nurturer, and I was the destroyer.

I was the Beginning. I was Boundless. I was the Thought. I Was, and I am, All.

I recall, at the time, working with the powers of that late arrival in the classical world: Aether. It took some time to riddle out the full alchemical import of the experience.

Reviewing it now, I’m not entirely sure that I ever did…

Adaption of Robert Fludd’s 16th century woodcut of ‘Vitruvian man’.
Public Domain.

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  1. Dra says:

    This one made me cry! Dam lol Anyways, have you checked your desk?? You seem to stuff everything in there πŸ˜‰

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