Solstice of the Moon (Part 2)

Day Two

Mettle tested and hardly dried, we head off to Midmar; a site rather polluted and dulled by the intrusion of “modern” death rites. The energies here are “slacker”. More turgid. I couldn’t handle the swirling vortices and back eddies the first time I’d visited the site. Work through the years, to reconnect the interrupted ley, had smoothed the flow somewhat but there remains an uneasy balance between the joyous spirit of the Bronze Age site and the chaotic energies which surround it.

There is method in the madness of risking losing some of the group in the wild open spaces poorly serviced by GPS systems. A 20 minute (barring Siri detours) journey from the first day’s site takes us forward 1000 years. The architecture has barely changed, but something has driven a change in “outlook” of the builders. The southerly aspect appears to be completely blocked by a hill: not without good reason – here, the moon at her most southerly passing, skips across the hill which threatens to swallow her.

Lesson 5: “Un”-ease is not “dis”-ease.

Lesson 6: (A cheaty one – I already knew this). Short people miss a LOT of interesting things due to the awkward height of the average hedge…

Lesson 7: Though unmarked, and without visual clues of landscape, the “closer of the gate” always finds their place.

Lesson 8: Some stones just don’t want to let go when their soul-sister(s) pay a visit. There is a “pull”, beyond rational explanation, drawing us to the places where we most naturally belong. (A stronger form of “sympathetic” magic, I can’t really imagine).

The second site of the morning, at Cullerlie, is, again, a journey of 20 minutes and 1000 years. In the 2000 years between Aquorthies and Cullerlie, something, so fundamental, changed, that the group would have no difficulty in identifying it.

Surprisingly, we were met by an “old friend” (it wasn’t till much later that I realised how ridiculous this thought was). Anubis’ “stand-in” had met and escorted me to the site some 20 years prior, in much the same way that he met and escorted the group.

Lesson 9: The “closer of the gate” becomes the Priestly figure, once the Goddess has been removed.

Lesson 10: The officiating Priestess, stands in the “place of the dead”, once the Goddess has been removed.

Lesson 11: you spin me round…
a: Dominion rotates counterclockwise by 90º.
b: God claims dominion by moving through the reverse path of the equinox.
c: Goddess surrenders dominion by falling in the direction of the setting “Winter”
Solstice Moon.
d: “Man”, elevated, completes the triangle.

Lesson 12: The “world of the dead” is male. The “world of the living” is female.

Lesson 13: The “dis”-ease of the charnel ground persists. (for at least 2000 years after it is no longer in use).

Lesson 14: Though attractive to the Shamanic psyche, the charnel ground has little to offer the broader community.

Part Two of the Solstice of the Moon series.

Part 1 here.

This series of posts outlines personal “discoveries” during a walking weekend organised by The Silent Eye (A Modern Mystery School).

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  4. Yes, the ‘Dog Circle’ did feel like that painting… 😉

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  5. Sue Vincent says:

    Lesson 6… Tell me about it 😉 x

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