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Shooting the Past

I mentioned this in my last post. It’s lived rent free in my head since it first aired in 1999. Finding it available online has been the highlight of the week, nay, the highlight of all the years since first … Continue reading

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As the son of a shepherd, I have always detested the phrase “sheeple”, used to describe the “group think” of people who unquestioningly accept as true whatever their political leaders say, adopt popular opinion as their own without scrutiny, or … Continue reading

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Eddies in time

While cleaning out my mother’s house, I came across a small wooden box, which held a hotch-potch of things belonging to her father; a broken pipe, a specialist knife of unknown purpose, cufflinks, a variety of dried-out fountain pens. With … Continue reading

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An odd awakening

The first hints of sunrise were just appearing this morning, accompanied by the squabbling of gulls who were busy dive-bombing an unfortunate owl who had missed whatever cue serves to send owls back to the roost before the gulls wake, … Continue reading

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I do believe in fairies! I do! I do!

Well. It’s impossible not to, really, once you’ve been accidentally dive-bombed by one. First, a little background information. I was born blind in one eye. This has made me incredibly sensitive to any risk of damage to the good one. … Continue reading

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Woke up this morning, and realised that it is the two year anniversary of the day I had my nephew arrested. It was accidental of course. When I reported the crime, I had no idea who the perpetrator might be. … Continue reading

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The wooden spoon mystery

Lunchtime: phone rings. “The post has been. Did you order a wooden spoon?” A what? “A wooden spoon.” Um no. Why (frantically checking Amazon) would I have ordered a wooden spoon? “Well, a parcel has arrived, addressed to you, and … Continue reading

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Waiting for Godot…

Today was the second attempt at a “smart meter” installation. This meant considerable disruption: the second afternoon taken off work to be at the house to greet the much-vaunted, never seen, engineer. The first time it happened, at least there … Continue reading

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When plans fall around you

Woah. What a week. First was the unexpected email last Wednesday: “Um, we forgot all about you and we only have two slots left until February. Can we come on Friday? Or on Monday?” Why, of course. “It’s not like … Continue reading

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When it’s not your time…

A friend shared the video below on social media: a while ago, it must be said, as I found this festering in the drafts… It reminded me of the sheer number of “near misses” that seem to have called, on … Continue reading

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