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Eddies in time

While cleaning out my mother’s house, I came across a small wooden box, which held a hotch-potch of things belonging to her father; a broken pipe, a specialist knife of unknown purpose, cufflinks, a variety of dried-out fountain pens. With … Continue reading

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An odd awakening

The first hints of sunrise were just appearing this morning, accompanied by the squabbling of gulls who were busy dive-bombing an unfortunate owl who had missed whatever cue serves to send owls back to the roost before the gulls wake, … Continue reading

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I do believe in fairies! I do! I do!

Well. It’s impossible not to, really, once you’ve been accidentally dive-bombed by one. First, a little background information. I was born blind in one eye. This has made me incredibly sensitive to any risk of damage to the good one. … Continue reading

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The wooden spoon mystery

Lunchtime: phone rings. “The post has been. Did you order a wooden spoon?” A what? “A wooden spoon.” Um no. Why (frantically checking Amazon) would I have ordered a wooden spoon? “Well, a parcel has arrived, addressed to you, and … Continue reading

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