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Remembering Dunblane

It hardly seems like twenty years. This week Ron Taylor, headmaster of Dunblane Primary school at the time of the shootings, talked for the first time about the enduring horror and guilt that he has carried since that day. Thirteenth … Continue reading

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Your conspiracy theory needs to change…

It’s been a while. Took an atrocity in one of the most beautiful cities in the world to bring me out of hiding. You may have noticed, that isn’t what I want to write about – others have done a … Continue reading

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Social Crisis…

Over the weekend, I was left more than a little flat by social media. Couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Usually there is a pay off in the routine of *reset preferences*,  *scroll down*, *scroll down again*, *scroll down a … Continue reading

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Unexpected gem in the Perthshire hills

We saw the sign for St Mary’s as we passed through Grandtully. “Ancient Monument”, the sign said. Intrigued, we turned onto what appeared to be a farm road. The signs became confusing: variously pointing into a farmyard, to continue up … Continue reading

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Freaky Friday

Friday was the day of the big test. With some trepidation, I miss lunch and bum a lift to the hospital. In-patient radiology department, yellow zone, level 2 reception. “Take the lift down. Left, all the way to the end, … Continue reading

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Society Needs to Stop Normalising Abuse

Today’s trigger phrase is “child abuse”. (Please don’t read on, if this is a trigger subject for you). The following got me so bloody riled today that, yes, this had to be written. “I know what abuse is. I was … Continue reading

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Boyne Valley Tour – Part IV

Nowth Part of the Disney package, so rush, rush, rush. Unfortunately, in order to visit, you must have first toured Newgrange. Otherwise, I’d strongly advise skipping that and heading here for the entire day / five days / however long … Continue reading

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Fear, apathy, or just a dead soul…

Something has been bothering me of late. It first came up a few months ago with a “JustGiving” campaign started by a dear friend. Goal? $2000. Not a huge sum of money, but one which could have been truly life … Continue reading

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Boyne Valley Tour – Part III

Newgrange The Disney-face of Neolithic Ireland. It would have been rude not to pop in, since we were in the area anyway… Be prepared for disappointment, however. Whilst the organisation of the millions of visitors who come each year to … Continue reading

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Boyne Valley Tour – Part II

Dowth Sadly, Dowth, “The House of Darkness”, is no longer accessible. A botched attempt at opening the tomb in the 19th century left it with a massive bowl on top, and the entire structure is apparently unstable. Nevertheless, the approach … Continue reading

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