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In “I did not expect that to happen” news, a warning for anyone considering a name change to their blog. It felt the right time for a change. I wrestled with a potential new name, one that might fit whatever … Continue reading

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Waiting for Godot…

Today was the second attempt at a “smart meter” installation. This meant considerable disruption: the second afternoon taken off work to be at the house to greet the much-vaunted, never seen, engineer. The first time it happened, at least there … Continue reading

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Death of a salesman

We’ve all had them. The incessant sales calls, interspersed with the “Hello, I’m a hacker looking for easy access to your computer, erm, I mean, Steve from Microsoft…” type calls. Now, apart from the half-assed hacker boys who I like … Continue reading

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Social Crisis…

Over the weekend, I was left more than a little flat by social media. Couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Usually there is a pay off in the routine of *reset preferences*,  *scroll down*, *scroll down again*, *scroll down a … Continue reading

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Society Needs to Stop Normalising Abuse

Today’s trigger phrase is “child abuse”. (Please don’t read on, if this is a trigger subject for you). The following got me so bloody riled today that, yes, this had to be written. “I know what abuse is. I was … Continue reading

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