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It’s sad to me how quickly we defineWhat’s wrong with yours is right with mine k.d. lang, David Pitch: “Thread” On the day that a certain, well known far right commentator tumbled ever deeper down the conspiracy rabbit hole which … Continue reading

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A multitude of the heavenly host…

It’s a funny old day. Shortest of the year in Northern climes, and sacred in these parts through most of humankind’s religious history; marking, as it does, the beginning of a return to light after the long fall into darkness. … Continue reading

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As the son of a shepherd, I have always detested the phrase “sheeple”, used to describe the “group think” of people who unquestioningly accept as true whatever their political leaders say, adopt popular opinion as their own without scrutiny, or … Continue reading

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Alchemic interlude

Stumbled on this looking for something yet unfound. (If any of you spotted me placing a small, “Basildon Blue” envelope full of photographs into an unusual nook, please let me know!) Anyway. It’s something. It’s nothing. It struck me as … Continue reading

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Eddies in time

While cleaning out my mother’s house, I came across a small wooden box, which held a hotch-potch of things belonging to her father; a broken pipe, a specialist knife of unknown purpose, cufflinks, a variety of dried-out fountain pens. With … Continue reading

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I do believe in fairies! I do! I do!

Well. It’s impossible not to, really, once you’ve been accidentally dive-bombed by one. First, a little background information. I was born blind in one eye. This has made me incredibly sensitive to any risk of damage to the good one. … Continue reading

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Woke up this morning, and realised that it is the two year anniversary of the day I had my nephew arrested. It was accidental of course. When I reported the crime, I had no idea who the perpetrator might be. … Continue reading

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A sense of memory

I know you’ve not been wondering where I’ve been, but I’m going to tell you anyway. In the shielding group, so working from home and furloughed at the first opportunity, I’ve taken the unprecedented opportunity afforded by this global pandemic … Continue reading

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Longing for home

It’s odd how it catches you, sometimes, off guard. The picture on the right is an image I’ve often tried to capture, usually without success, so when it popped up on a social media group I’m a member off, it … Continue reading

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When it’s not your time…

A friend shared the video below on social media: a while ago, it must be said, as I found this festering in the drafts… It reminded me of the sheer number of “near misses” that seem to have called, on … Continue reading

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