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Wandering with the saints

We spent the day out. Searching for a persistently mislaid group of stone circles. I’m sure they may just be shy, and fully expect them to pop out one of these days when we least expect them to. In the … Continue reading

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An end to darkness

I should have known really… the folklore, like a haddock to the face once you spot it, TELLS you!! But I wasn’t listening, and had to go the long way around… like 10 years searching up hill and down bleedin’ … Continue reading

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The Watcher’s dilemma

I am Watcher. I’m in a high place, yet remain shadowed by brooding mountains that further darken a black sky. The gale flattens a campfire in front of me, casting all warmth to the western horizon. A tent-like structure behind … Continue reading

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Out of Time – part II

Morning came too soon. Appearing hardly rested, the coachman seemed distracted as they enjoyed a hearty start to the day, courtesy of the Innkeeper’s wife. The Nereid had come to him, in the depth of a sleepless night, and the … Continue reading

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Out of Time – part I

After such a long trek, the three were happy to have arrived at their final destination. The excitement in the coach was palpable. The vista, well recognised by them, would soon open, and they would be “home”. Turning into the … Continue reading

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The Last Temple of the Celts

Originally posted on Feral Words:
The Druids Bringing in the Mistletoe, by Edward Atkinson Hornel & George Henry The west of Europe used to be full of Celtic temples. In every settlement, every holy grove, every mountain top and ring…

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Unexpected gem in the Perthshire hills

We saw the sign for St Mary’s as we passed through Grandtully. “Ancient Monument”, the sign said. Intrigued, we turned onto what appeared to be a farm road. The signs became confusing: variously pointing into a farmyard, to continue up … Continue reading

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Boyne Valley Tour – Part IV

Nowth Part of the Disney package, so rush, rush, rush. Unfortunately, in order to visit, you must have first toured Newgrange. Otherwise, I’d strongly advise skipping that and heading here for the entire day / five days / however long … Continue reading

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Boyne Valley Tour – Part III

Newgrange The Disney-face of Neolithic Ireland. It would have been rude not to pop in, since we were in the area anyway… Be prepared for disappointment, however. Whilst the organisation of the millions of visitors who come each year to … Continue reading

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Boyne Valley Tour – Part II

Dowth Sadly, Dowth, “The House of Darkness”, is no longer accessible. A botched attempt at opening the tomb in the 19th century left it with a massive bowl on top, and the entire structure is apparently unstable. Nevertheless, the approach … Continue reading

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