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Call of the Summer lands

Caught in this stream whilst falling asleep under last night’s “mackerelled moon”. An oddly, out of season, theme which made little sense till the title came at the last. ~~~ I thought I heard you call last night. Maybe it … Continue reading

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The Feathered Seer – Part 3 (No. Really. The Feathered Seer!)

During the exploration session on Spirit Animals, presented during The Silent Eye (a modern mystery school) “Leaf and Flame: the Foliate Man” weekend in 2016, one of the companions enquired about “Shape-shifting”. Since this was outside the scope of the … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

Red____ and I have just completed a ritual drumming, calling in the guides, in preparation for the work of the day. I’m in full regalia, perched on the edge of a couch as he potters about, mixing various sacred herbs. … Continue reading

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A New Suit of Armour

I’ve been feeling kind of exposed whilst out and about journeying of late. I never expected physical signs of conflict, so the obvious welts and scabbing which resulted from this little excursion, and similar, though less dramatic ones since, has … Continue reading

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Dream of a dream within a dream

Came across this bizarre “little” dream, of a dream within a dream, whilst looking for something else. It doesn’t make much outward sense, I suppose, but there are certain “loaded” aspects which I thought may be of interest to some … Continue reading

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