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When it’s not your time…

A friend shared the video below on social media: a while ago, it must be said, as I found this festering in the drafts… It reminded me of the sheer number of “near misses” that seem to have called, on … Continue reading

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Instinct vs. intellect

You are much better at mathematics than you think you are. Indeed, you sit at the end of a long line of quite exceptional mathematicians, each as convinced as the last that they were quite incapable of solving the simplest … Continue reading

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Your conspiracy theory needs to change…

It’s been a while. Took an atrocity in one of the most beautiful cities in the world to bring me out of hiding. You may have noticed, that isn’t what I want to write about – others have done a … Continue reading

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…but is it real?

Aherm! Two posts in as many days? (Don’t be expecting it regularly! 😉 ) One of the questions that often crops up, is the reality, or otherwise, of the experiences involved in shamanic work. This is true also of meditation, … Continue reading

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Fear of Indifference

Last night my son was attacked by three strangers. Three strangers, fuelled by drugs and alcohol, intent on robbing him of the money they knew was in his cab; indifferent as to whether they took his life in the attempt. … Continue reading

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Transience and the Art of the Banal

Social media. The life of the masses branded as ephemera. No time to consider, debate, discuss. The bigger picture lost in a constant stream of other people’s minutiae; mind chatter writ large and validated by the click of a blue … Continue reading

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I am Native!

In response to a (potentially becoming) vitriolic thread, denying non-natives the right to follow the traditions of native peoples within their spiritual practices, the following kind of spewed out… 🙂 Thought it worth sharing here. “Love this thread. The basic … Continue reading

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Birds in the Attic

Woke up this morning to the sound of birds in the attic. Your actual birds in your actual attic, that is. I’m often asked what a particular animal or bird “means”, in the mistaken belief that every encounter with the … Continue reading

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