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Mad, bad and dangerous to know

Well. I’ve been trying to write the same post since April 2015, and it might (just) be about to be writ… or not… so a little preamble might be in order. I was at work. The phone rang. It was … Continue reading

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Sunrise call

The traditional morning ceremony of the Zuni. Before dawn breaks, the Sun-priest summons the people to the roofs and tops of the houses to greet the mother-of-life, the rising sun. The call for her to rise is played to the … Continue reading

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… and heal

It wasn’t till many years later that my obsessive rock collecting would lead to an understanding of what they were trying to tell me! Convalescing from an unexpected rupture of a blood vessel in the brain, I grew bored and, … Continue reading

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Rocks talk…

Being brought up on a remote hill farm has its benefits. One undoubtedly being that, in the event of any weirdness, word doesn’t get out at too young an age… Having said that, the first weirdness I remember didn’t actually … Continue reading

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