A multitude of the heavenly host…

It’s a funny old day.

Shortest of the year in Northern climes, and sacred in these parts through most of humankind’s religious history; marking, as it does, the beginning of a return to light after the long fall into darkness.

For the Zoroastrians, it was Ahura Mazda who brought light and fire (truth and wisdom) to humankind; the supreme, Creator God of a duo-theistic pair. The other, Ahriman, brought only darkness, seeking to destroy all that Ahura Mazda had created.

Odd then, that as YHWH gained precedence, the light bearer became Lucifer; effectively subverting Ahura Mazda to the role of his own nemesis. It doesn’t end there, of course; it couldn’t end there.

Christ, bringer of light to all mankind, he who shall ultimately defeat that very same Lucifer at the end of days, subverted any remaining deities of the North who dared be born on this day.

Seems that religion is one long history of light defeating light presented in the form of darkness.

The primal duality may not be a duality at all.

Build your pyre high, Ahriman; for tomorrow the eye of Ahura Mazda will be longer upon thee, and he shall know what thee have done.

Fear not, for unto you is born this day, in the City of David, a Saviour.

Happy Solstice.

About Running Elk

Running Elk is the name bestowed on me by a Medicine Man of the Zuni Nation in 2008 during a period of intense training in shamanic principles. Currently reconciling these core practices within the context of the Old World landscapes, folk beliefs and traditions by way of attempting to unearth some semblance of the long lost, indigenous knowledge of these Isles.
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