As the son of a shepherd, I have always detested the phrase “sheeple”, used to describe the “group think” of people who unquestioningly accept as true whatever their political leaders say, adopt popular opinion as their own without scrutiny, or fall for whatever conspiracy theory is de-rigour.

Sheep are much smarter than that…

Living in the time of a pandemic has been fun, though.

Sheep in one field bleating dire warnings to the flock in the next, unaware that it doesn’t matter what field you are standing in when you are all destined to become shish kebabs…

Wear a mask!!

About Running Elk

Running Elk is the name bestowed on me by a Medicine Man of the Zuni Nation in 2008 during a period of intense training in shamanic principles. Currently reconciling these core practices within the context of the Old World landscapes, folk beliefs and traditions by way of attempting to unearth some semblance of the long lost, indigenous knowledge of these Isles.
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