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Reining in the kids…

Dearest Children of Horus, I’m laying the line down here, as it’s difficult to know where else to put it; and, frankly, to leave the current situation to find its natural end is no longer tenable. You mess with dark … Continue reading

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Don’t panic, don’t panic!!!

Last week it was a week away. Seemed like a lifetime. Suddenly, before you can say “They don’t like it up ’em!” we’re overrun by the imminent arrival of the weekend… (I know it’s only Tuesday, but that means only … Continue reading

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Remembering Dunblane

It hardly seems like twenty years. This week Ron Taylor, headmaster of Dunblane Primary school at the time of the shootings, talked for the first time about the enduring horror and guilt that he has carried since that day. Thirteenth … Continue reading

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Magic Is All Around

Can’t tell you how perfect this piece by the good Dr Vasey is in explaining the deeper working of the shaman. The four examples of magic that he gives, is pretty much the manual for every successful healing ritual, exorcism, … Continue reading

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Through their death, you may know them

Psychopomp is one of the many roles of the shaman. This is only necessary for souls which lose their way. For the well prepared soul, at peace and centred at the time of the death of their physical vehicle, the … Continue reading

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Find your passion

Meet Luckner Timothee. He’s one of the gems mentioned in a recent post, not entirely complimentary, about social media. You have met him before, in a previous posting here. Luckner has a passion, which he shares freely with the world, … Continue reading

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